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With a Heavy Heart, Mernie's is Closed.

The doors of Mernie’s are now closed for business.  Changes in the personal life have me moving back to Denver to be with friends and family. I am truly grateful for the support all of you have given the store and appreciate the time and money you have spent at Mernie’s. Though the time in the store has been brief in retrospect, the experience will be with me forever. Blessed am I to have learned so much in a small space of time. Blessed am I to have made so many friendships and I will always wish you happy cooking. Mernie's is not done, it is evolving with me. It just can't be a store front anymore. Thank you again for all you have done as my friends and customers. And I promise to keep working on the cookbook!


Please watch for updates as Nicole launches her online store Mernie’s, A Well-Seasoned Life.